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Our mission is to guide clients toward a lifestyle filled with opportunity for engagement and participation in LIFE. To direct and assist in restoring one’s own natural ability to function optimally while managing health and wellness through appropriate eating habits, supplementation and the non-invasive power of light.

Guidance to health and wellness can only be achieved when one accepts the educated guidance offered. Working together to become a well advised consumer of healthy nutrients is the first step in restoring optimal physiological function.


Utilizing over 25 years of wellness innovation, WellConsulted in Brookfield or East Troy helps those who wish to improve their lifestyle by reducing measurable inches, losing weight, improving energy and living WELL. Our team of certified Wellness Coaches combine the synergistic effects of Contour Light Therapy, whole food consumption and appropriate functional nutritional support to guide your health transformation to one of enjoyment and happiness.

We utilize the latest technology in Red Light Therapy along with optimal functional nutritional support, detoxification and certified Wellness Coaching to assist in restoring health. Contour Light Therapy is a wonderful high-tech addition to help manage your body and improve your health. It is not magic and any long term solution to weight management needs proper nutrition and exercise.

Our experienced certified wellness coaches will guide you through our Contour Light Therapy program aiming at reducing inches, weight and restoring optimal function. Founder and program developer, Dr. John Friedrichs, DC, along with our certified wellness coaching staff, strive to help each and every person reach their individual goals. A certified wellness coach will be assigned to guide you and keep you accountable to reaching goals established.

Call us today to begin reaching your body performance goals so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and the freedom to live your life without physical restraints.

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