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Imagine if you could ask your body "What's Going on?"

You Should Get A Functional Health Report In Brookfield WI If...

  • You want to address an existing health concern or condition
  • You want to optimize athletic performance
  • You want to reduce medications
  • You want to overcome an addiction
  • You want to get pregnant
  • You wan to increase vitality
  • You're at high risk of disease
  • You simply want to feel better!

Every recommendation is based on your body's unique biochemistry and scourced from published medical research.

Personalized Information = Better Decisions

What Is A Functional Health Report

A functional health report takes you lab data and analyzes it to help you understand what's going on inside your body.

Like a fingerprint, people are individual with unique biochemical characteristics. Even for people with the same condition, their contributing imbalances may be very different. That's why, for optimal results, health decisions should incorporate understandable, actionable information about your biochemistry. The Functional Health Report does precisely that, so ask your health care provider for one today.

Have you taken a lab test in the last 3 months? Or plan to take one soon?

Then ask your healthcare practitioner for a Functional Health Report today.

Easy to read FHR Report

The Functional Health Report works by analyzing results from your lab data. It identifies your body's unique biochemical patterns and makes specific, scientifically based recommendations.

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