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Wellness Testimonials

"I’m amazed to see the results our patients are experiencing on the Contour Light Therapy machine in a short period of time.  I have seen inches gone in as little as 20 minutes.   Patients are enjoying how relaxing it is and are very happy to see results with no pain or side effects."

- Cathy I.

"I have just finished my 5th session of the Contour Light Therapy treatment and I am loving the results. I found it to be a very comfortable (almost relaxing) and time efficient treatment. It noticeable has toned and tightened my lower abdomen, legs and back. I would absolutely recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to improve their problem areas."

- Tina W.

"Working with Dr. John and his Contour Light Therapy team has been great.  His staff is helpful and caring and the process is easy.

And, best of all, since I started using the Contour Light Therapy I have been getting compliments on how slim I look! Wonderful!"

- Tracy S.

"Contour Light Therapy was a great way to boost my summer weight loss goal.  I lost over 16 inches in 8 sessions.  I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to lose inches without invasive treatments."

- Renae R.

"I just finished my 9th contour Light Session and I am excited with the results.  I’ve lost over 8 inches so far after trying so many other things with no results.  Stacy made if comfortable and relaxing.  I would highly recommend contour Light Therapy to anyone looking to tone and tighten their problem areas."

- Shannon M.