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Our mission is to guide clients toward a lifestyle filled with opportunity for engagement and participation in LIFE. To direct and assist in restoring one's own natural ability to function optimally while managing health and wellness through appropriate eating habits, supplementation, and the non-invasive power of light.

Guidance to health and wellness in Brookfield WI can only be achieved when one accepts the educated guidance offered. Working together to become a well-advised consumer of healthy nutrients is the first step in restoring optimal physiological function.

Whole Food Nutrition in Brookfield WI

Get back to the basics. Our Certified Wellness Coaches will guide you toward re-establishing a whole food consumption foundation enabling your body to function optimally with minimal need for supplementation. Our 5:2 Life Consumption Guide is a simple approach to staying on track each and every day to maintain a healthy intake of proper nutrients. This simple approach assists in weight management, increased energy and living well in a society filled with processed foods on every corner.

Certified Wellness Coaching

All our Wellness Coaches are Certified and trained to assist you in restoring and improving your daily eating habits. We will help you develop strategies that work with your schedule, habits, and budget while keeping it simple and effective to get you the results you seek - health and wellness.

Seeking counsel in developing a healthy lifestyle is the first step to restoring your health. Accepting guidance from knowledgeable and Certified Wellness Coaches and following the program and recommendations is the second step. Consistency is the final step, and the reward is a body that functions as is was meant to - optimally.

Choosing the Right Supplements

Are you taking supplements but are not sure if you are taking the right ones or the correct amounts? Are you struggling with fatigue, headaches, insomnia, or unresolved gastrointestinal issues? At WellConsulted in Brookfield WI we focus on identifying the precise nutritional recommendations to achieve your optimal health and wellness.

Your blood is the blueprint to your cellular health. We conduct a full blood workup and evaluate your optimal blood panels to identify specific supplements and nutrients you may need to perform at your best. We will review your blood results blueprint to recommend a precise supplement plan designed specifically for you based on what your body needs. After six months of following our supplement plan, we will assess your progress and retest to measure your results and adapt the plan as needed.

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