What Is A Health Coach in Brookfield WI?

What Is A Health Coach in Brookfield WI?

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If you had a tack in your foot, would you want the tack to be taken out or would you rather take a pain reliever to help with the pain?  The obvious answer is to take the tack out.  Unfortunately, most doctors prescribe medications to alleviate symptoms of illness rather than get to the root cause.  This trend is starting to shift largely in part to the access we have to health coaches.  Health coaches in Brookfield WI work to get the tack out!

How Health Coaches Can Help You in Brookfield WI

Health coaches educate and support individuals on making lifestyle changes that will greatly reduce inflammation in the body, which is most time, the root cause of disease and illness.  This process starts with a consultation that identifies the goals the client is looking to achieve.  These goals can be driven from a diagnosis from a doctor or it can be no diagnosis.  There are many people walking around that are sick and cannot figure out what is wrong.

Health coaches then create a plan of action on diet, exercise or functional movement; sleep strategies, stress management and supplementation.  As changes are implemented, the health coach works with the client to make sure it is working because one plan doesn't work for everyone.  We are all different!

Health coaches also look at the whole person.  The state of emotional and spiritual health is a piece of the optimal health puzzle!

Health coaches listen!

Health coaches keep clients accountable.  Research shows that having an accountability partner increases the success rate of implementing change.

Health coaches motivate.  Who wouldn't benefit from having a cheerleader behind you every step of the way!

We live in an exciting time with all of the information we have on hand!   Everyone can take their health care into their own hands.  Health coaches bridge the gap between doctor and patient by minimizing the confusion and putting in a solid plan of action.

Everyone deserves good health! Call our office in Brookfield WI today!

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