Your Body Needs Light in Brookfield WI!

Your Body Needs Light in Brookfield WI

Weight Loss Brookfield WI Your Body Needs Light

As the days start to get shorter our exposure to light decreases in Brookfield WI. Those who suffer from depression, seasonal affective disorder or sleep disorders are impacted the most by this change, but you might be affected and not even realize it!

Our body uses light cues to time certain functions such as sleeping, waking, eating, and physical activity. Our entire day is regulated by our internal body clock. If our body clock is off, everything from sleep, mood and even weight could be affected!

How can light help in Brookfield WI?

Being exposed to extra amounts of light per day can help stimulate a change in the levels of chemicals and hormones within the body that affect mood. Light therapy in general is exposure to light that is brighter than indoor light. You may have heard of light therapy before but did you know there are two types?

Red light therapy and near infrared light therapy fall into a whole other light spectrum. The two are often confused as the same thing but they are really quite different.

Red light is used to treat the surface of the skin. Near infrared wavelengths are able to penetrate the cells more deeply to stimulate healing and relieve pain. Each type of cell and tissue in our body has its own light absorption method. Therefore, different types of light can treat different ailments and parts of the body.

Light therapy

When searching for Light therapy look to Contour Light Therapy at WellConsulted! Our lights carry BOTH. Yes you read that right! We use BOTH Red Light Therapy AND Near Infrared Lights to restore your health in a relaxing and soothing environment.

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