You Can’t Buy Health – Or Can You in Brookfield WI?

You Can't Buy Health - Or Can You in Brookfield WI?

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You can't buy health in Brookfield WI - or can you? All the money in the world can do many things for many people.  What it can't do, in most instances, is buy good health. Or can it?

Statistics have shown that poverty-stricken communities are less healthy than those communities that are more affluent.  More affluence may also lead to access of other forms of health destruction, such as illegal drugs and misuse of prescription drugs, however.  There is some limitation to the ability to 'buy' health by this factual reality.

I have always firmly believed that early detection of a disease is vital but it is not prevention.  Promotion of one's bodily function is true prevention of disease.  Until we, as a society, truly grasp this concept, disease will continue on the path of self-destruction.  So how do we prevent disease and destruction of our being? Simple choices that each and every one of us is allowed to make on a daily basis.

Making The Right Choices in Brookfield WI

There are many isles to a grocery store.  Which isle do you spend the most time in? Soda takes up nearly an entire isle as does cereal.  Then there is the processed food isles. Add dairy section to the mix along with the bread isles. Imagine how much time you would save and how much healthier you would be if you didn't walk down those isles.  Choices. Choose to purchase items in those isles and you choose to buy poor health.

If you want to have control over your health and 'buy' good health, start your shopping venture in the produce department.  Fill your cart with fresh produce. Resist the temptation of walking down the isles of 'processed' sickness. The more often one heads to the grocery store the more likely this person is eating healthier foods and choosing to control their health by the choices made.  

Yes you can 'buy' good health.  What you consume is up to you. You choose to purchase healthy foods or foods that lead to internal self-destruction.  The choice is yours. Choose to buy health. The earlier in life you start this the more likely you will enjoy good health throughout your life.

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