Do You Want To Lose or Gain in Brookfield WI?

Do You Want To Lose or Gain in Brookfield WI?

Weight Loss Brookfield WI Want To Gain Or Lose Weight

How about both? In the world of Health Coaching often clients come in with a mindset of concern about what they will have to give up or be deprived of in order to reach their wellness goals . . . At WellConsulted, our approach is different!  Our focus first and foremost is to listen to your health journey, to understand the challenges you have faced and obstacles present that have kept you from optimal health in Brookfield WI.

We will meet you where you are at with a customized program to overcome those challenges.  Partner with you to achieve your wellness vision and more importantly, gain the tools and knowledge to have the results be lasting.

With WellConsulted you will LOSE AND GAIN!

LOSE in Brookfield WI:

  • Weight, inches and body fat!
  • Fatigue and brain fog
  • Food obsession and rigid rules, don't let food be the boss of you!
  • The unhealthy relationship with your body image
  • Uncertainty about what nutrition guidelines work best for you, let us help you develop a personalized plan that leaves you feeling satisfied, energetic and vibrant!


  • Confidence in yourself and your choices around optimal wellness.
  • Knowledge and a solid foundation in functional medicine nutrition and supplements that work best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Sustainable healthy habits for lifelong change and maintenance, NOT a short term quick fix or fad diet with yo-yo results.
  • Muscle and endurance with a movement plan customized to your lifestyle.
  • Energy, Joy and Balance!

Our Certified Health Coaches in Brookfield WI are waiting to help you reach the next level and THRIVE with good health!

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